Sunday Brunch @ Third Wave Cafe, South Yarra


Sunday brunch is my favourite kind of meal and it’s something I take very seriously. Think about it. It’s about two meals merged into one. It’s about getting out of bed on Sunday and making an effort to leave the house. It’s about enjoying great food and coffee that makes you sit back and think, ‘Ahhh, it’s been a great weekend.’

Last Sunday, I was lucky enough to be invited by Greg, the owner of Third Wave Cafe on Cato Street, to come in and try their menu. I invited my boyfriend along, as a ‘thank you’ for his fabulous photography skills utilised each week in my outfit posts.

Greg informed me that this new cafe is an addition to their hugely successful Third Wave Cafe in Port Melbourne. I have never been to either Third Wave cafes, but I do find myself enjoying breakfast in that Cato street area quite often. In fact, Babble on Izett Street is one of my favourite brunch spots.


Approaching the entrance, Third Wave was not what I expected. Absent was the usual outdoor dining space, loud crowds of fashionable people and a long line waiting to be seated. Instead, it was a modest cafe with simple decor and plenty of chill-out ambience. The staff were absolutely lovely and approachable. They were helpful without being overbearing.

I began by ordering a Hazelnut Hot Chocolate. It came in a large cup and was utterly delicious; it tasted exactly like a Ferrero Rocher. It must have looked like I enjoyed it, as each time I took another sip, I had chocolate all over my face! If Hazelnut is not your thing, there is also White Chocolate, Raspberry, Chilli, Mint and many other types of hot chocolate. Yum! I was tempted to guzzle the entire thing down but was careful not to lose my appetite.


Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

When it came to food, I settled on the Crunchy Risotto Hash Brown, as it seemed to have everything I wanted in a good meal – mushroom, hash, poached egg, chorizo and rocket.


Crispy Risotto Hash Brown

The Lover ordered his usual, which is the Big Breakfast and contained the typical breakfast culprits including bacon, spinach, eggs, mushrooms and grilled tomato.


The Big Breakfast For the Hungry Soul

Admittedly, there were much more adventurous items on the menu, like Spicy Ratatouille Baked Eggs and Shakshuka. However, I’m very traditional when it comes to my breakfast and usually I just want my poached eggs with a little something green and a little something meaty on the side.

My meal was delicious and very filling. The hash was crispy and crunchy. It was perfectly paired with fresh tomato relish. I was relieved that the parmesan cheese holding my risotto hash together was not too strong (I had an awful experience once, at Three Bags Full in Richmond, where the parmesan on my plate was so strong, it was utterly offensive and I actually thought one of my fellow diners had forgotten to shower). My mushrooms were buttery, juicy and full of flavour. I agree with Mon’s Adventures that a second poached egg would have balanced out some of the other stronger ingredients in this dish but then again, that would have made the plate so full that I don’t think anyone could stomach it all!


Cutting into my Hash Brown and Poached Egg

My boyfriend enjoyed his Big Breakfast. It was a hearty and satisfying meal. I tasted some of his bacon and noted that the meat was smoked. It really was a Big Breakfast after all, as even he could not finish the meal (which rarely happens!)

I enjoyed Third Wave for being all about its food; no frills and no pretentiousness. It is where you want to go when you are hungry on a Sunday morning and you want a rich, satisfying breakfast full of flavour. I will definitely go back.


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